How your clothes are made matters to me

I created Kiwisumo, because I wanted to create a brand that couldn’t be identified with anything fashion related at first glance. I think what was going through my mind, at the initial point of concept, was wanting Kiwisumo not to be about making statements with trends and flaunting labels, but an understated way of dressing well and feeling confident.


I have such an immense love for art and architecture, traditions and traditional wear, contemporary and old fashions, that I wanted to create a clothing label that could fuse it all together with cloth, creating an alternative way of dressing.

“Style without expiration”


Kiwisumo is all about androgynous cuts, volume, attention to detail, tailoring, an eclectic use of fabric and most importantly sustainability. Acknowledging that every cut of fabric, trim and stitch has an impact on the world we live in, Kiwisumo aims to reinvent the way we produce and consume fashion by creating pieces free from seasons, that are functional and interchangeable.


I believe that sustainable fashion starts with exceptional design and production; therefore I do not fabricate short-lived trends but create beautiful, timeless, classic and quality clothing.


Kiwisumo is not mass-produced; each garment is handmade in-house or manufactured locally. Please be aware that each design is made in limited numbers and are rarely repeated.


Kiwisumo can also be found at Spitalfields Designer Market on Saturdays.


In addition, collections can be viewed privately by appointment only at my London studio.
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