Designing, making and selling my own womenswear at Spitalfields market has shown me that many of my customers, are not interested in whimsical trends, but want to focus on creating a hard-working, sophisticated wardrobe. Knowing this, I created my own bespoke atelier where I offer clients a personal connection with their purchase. The bespoke offering perfectly meets the needs of each customer in terms of, fit, lifestyle and individuality.


Delivering an extraordinary customer experience through bespoke is very close to my heart, as a made-to-measure designer, I sculpt with cloth around the contours of the female (or male) form to create something so much more, than what you get from even the most expensive factory-produced garment.


This service is the ultimate personal luxury, that leaves you feeling confident in that knowledge that you have the most flattering garments in your choice of fabrics, with exactly the neckline, hem length, sleeve shape and color palette you like. Once you start buying like this, you rarely go back, because you have complete control.

Bespoke orders include, but are not limited to:

  • Formal suits; 3 or 2 piece
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Ceremonial garments
  • Jackets and coats
  • Tailored trousers, skirts and shorts

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